Cured Resin

Our cured resin is made from 100% full dried and cured flowers.  The sources range from indoor, to greenhouse- cultivated flowers.  On occasion, we do process sun grown full-season flowers.  All of our flowers intended for extracts must go through a rigorous inspection process.  We turn away any flowers that have mold/mildew, pesticides, or anything else undesirable to a patient in flower form. We go the extra mile to assure that what we concentrate is nothing but, 100% naturally produced cannabinoids and other natural by-products of the cannabis plant itself.  Terpene retention is our main focus during extractions.  “Stability” is not.  This means that while most of our extracts are not what you would consider “stable,” the flavor is always extremely prominent.

Flower Trim Concentrates

When we produce our Trim Run concentrates, our goal is to create a product that is still highly diserable by most concentrate-seeking patients, while maintaining a compassionate donation price.  This means that when we run trim, it’s usually of the highest quality.  We turn away more than 50% of all trim that we inspect as possible botanical extraction material.  By and large, we hold true to the statement “If you wouldn’t use it, don’t allow others to use it either.”  Quality is critical from the top to the bottom.